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Clint Outlaw: Virginia

EP-9.9 Outboard: How Clint Outlaw dominates tournaments with electric motors.

Jeff Reese and the Black Pearl

Jeff Reese has been tournament bass fishing since 1981 when he began competing on Georgia’s B.A.S.S. Nation trail.

Silver Springs State Park: Florida

Twin EP-20 Outboards: The Glass Bottom Tour boat has been nominated for Workboat of the Year by Workboat Magazine.

Finger Lakes Boating Museum: New York

EP-40 Inboard: With an air cooled Elco EP-40 motor the PAT II has a cruising speed of 6.5 knots and a maximum speed of just around 10 knots

Terry Spencer: Oklahoma

EP-5 Outboard: I love this rig and it’s a really fun change of pace from running my 250 HP gas guzzler.

Bill Whitmore: New Jersey

EP-5 Outboard: We chose an Elco EP-5 for our “new” 14’ 1959 Lone Star to provide quiet morning and evening cruises.

Jim N: Ohio

EP-5 Outboard: First trip out on the water and the EP5 motor ran great, the boat handled perfectly and I landed a 2 lbs. 7 oz Bass!

Joe & Wendy Kitchell: Monterey Bay Eco Tours

Twin EP-20 Inboards: We developed a design around electric propulsion and being more eco-conscious.

Dave Rollman: Wisconsin

EP-9.9 Outboard: I have now owned my Elco for one full season and it operated flawlessly. I have it mounted to a 14’ x 6’ mini-toon and I really like the performance of the EP-9.9.

Patricia and Dan Fitzgerald, California

EP-12 Inboard: Elco made it much easier than I anticipated and we are extremely happy with the outcome, the ease of use and reduced maintenance has made using the boat stress free, no more flushing the engine with fresh water!

1896 Electric Launch “Segar”

EP-40 Inboard: The installation was quite easy, Elco’s prompt customer service made it stress free, when we had questions they were quick to respond to guide us. The motors really never need to be serviced, they have one moving part and they operate without a glitch.

NYS Tug Boat - electric boat motor

New York State Tug Boat, New York

Twin EP-100 Inboard
The NYSCC Tug was launched into the mostly iced-over NYS Erie Canal…The vessel performed beautifully. > Read More

Sam Barnes, Georgia

EP-9.9RL Outboard
“I am truly happy with my choice and decision to purchase and operate the Elco. I am looking forward to the continued pleasure and problem free fishing.” > Read More

Jim & Donna Clark, Michigan

EP-20RL Outboard
“ Elco Motor Yachts made all our dreams come true! It is so refreshing cruising around with clean air and without the smell of gas” > Read More

electric pontoon boat

Dorena Radomski, Michigan

EP-20RL Outboard
“The EP-20 motor is phenomenal. People stop to ask me if it’s a gas motor because it goes so fast!” > Read More

electric boat motor

Alan Dunkley, Ontario

EP-14RL Outboard
“Overall, I’m quite happy with the motor, and I’m happy with the way it’s working. I get so many people that come to my dock and ask me about the motor.” >Read More

electric powered boats

Hall’s Boat Corporation, New York

EP-70 Hybrid Inboard
The original diesel motor, gas tanks, and the majority of the mechanical and electrical components were pulled out. >Read More

electric pontoon boat

Tom Strenk, Pennsylvania

EP 9.9RL Outboard
“The motor package was absolutely unbelievable…This engine is a workhorse… I think it’s probably the best motor out there.” > Read More

electric pontoon boat

Mike Meredith, Michigan

EP 9.9RL Outboard
“After the initial cost of the electric propulsion packaged… I’m really cruising for free. We’re out on the lake three to four times a week, and if we had a gas-powered boat, we might not do that.” > Read More

electric fishing boat

Deep Portage Learning Center, Minnesota

EP-20TL Outboard
“Our experience with the motor has been flawless, and we’re well into our second season.“ > Read More

electric boat motor

Jim Merz, Florida

EP-20RS Outboard
“The good thing about the electric propulsion, and I’ve experienced this with my Tesla too, is that you just press the accelerator and it goes… My Elco outboard has very good performance all along the speed range.”> Read More

electric motor for pontoon boat

Larry Bertola, New Jersey

EP-9.9RL Outboard
“Everyone that comes on my boat is so impressed with the motor. I’m on a 22-acre, electric only lake, and I actually got called by the president of the lake… and I had to show him it was electric.” > Read More

electric powered boats

SS Big Win, Ontario

EP-70 Inboard
“The museum is completing a ten-year restoration project of a 66’ steam powered cabin launch…The EP-70 is mounted alongside the restored steam motor… The system is performing very well.” > Read More

electric powered boats

Mothership Marine, Australia

EP-40 Inboard
“The MotherShip is a luxury, eco-friendly family boating experience. A spacious 45-feet long and 16-feet wide, she is propelled by powerful electric motors that are fueled by solar panels.” > Read More

electric boat motor

Budd Riddle, Virginia

EP-40 Inboard Solar
“Repowered with an EP-40 motor, the H-27 Marlow-Hunter sailboat’s diesel was swapped out for a clean, quiet, powerful and green propulsion.” > Read More

David Gillespie, Jacksonville, Florida

EP-70 Inboard
“At 400 RPM she ran about 2.5 knots. At 600 RPM we moved along a little over 4. At 1000 RPM it was a hair blowing 6.5 knots!“ > Read More

electric boat motor

Eric Billington, U.S. Virgin Islands

EP-40 Inboard
“As an owner of the Elco EP-40 electric motor, I feel impelled to let the world know what an advantage it is and an addition to my boating experience.” >Read More

electric boat motor

Kym Anquetil, Australia

EP-40- Inboard
"My experience with Elco has exceeded my expectations… The Elco Motor changed my sailing experience and has made it a more relaxed and enjoyable pursuit. Any yacht I own in the future will be equipped with an Elco Motor." > Read More

electric boat motor

Dave Westphal, Key West, Florida

EP-40 Inboard
“We have found that the motor allows us to jump on the boat and go! Guests aboard our boat have remarked that it’s so quiet, is it really on?”> Read More

Nick Lamando, Lake George, NY

“You can install one of these in a day,” says Lamando. This customer wanted his peace and quiet above all, and now he can power his boat as quietly as he sails it.”

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