There are approximately 13 million registered boats in the U.S. today. If only 5% of them repowered with electric, 1 billion pounds of CO2 emissions would be eliminated*

*Calculated based upon an average of 64 gallons of fuel consumed per vessel

Electric Motor Benefits

Elco Outboard Electric Benefits

  • Zero emissions
  • Cruise all day and charge the batteries over night for just pennies
  • Traditional outboard design fits standard motor mounts
  • Smooth running with consistent power throughout the speed range
  • Reliable and durable, with less maintenance required 
  • Equipped with emergency stop switch
  • Multiple safety precautions including: over-speed protection, overload protection, temperature protection, over-voltage and over-current protection
  • A built-in “Get Home Safe” battery alert system

Elco Inboard Electric Benefits

  • One moving part
  • Minimal maintenance
  • No exhaust fumes, so motors run cool and eliminate heat in the cabin
  • Silent operation with zero noise pollution
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Motors fit most standard engine mounts
  • Never needs a tune-up; no need to winterize
  • Available for conventional shaft connection applications and sail drive units
  • The suggested service life of more than 50,000 hours before scheduled maintenance
  • More than 3X the cruising range in a hybrid system than an equivalent diesel engine

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