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  • EP-6 Electric Inboard


    Voltage: 24 Volts
    Suggested Battery (Ah): 90Ah – 120Ah
    Comparable HP: 6HP


  • EP-12 Electric Inboard


    Voltage: 48 Volts
    Suggested Battery (Ah): 90Ah – 165Ah
    Comparable HP: 12HP


  • EP-20 Electric Inboard


    Voltage: 48 Volts
    Suggested Battery (Ah): 130Ah – 225Ah
    Comparable HP: 20HP


  • EP-40 Electric Inboard


    Voltage: 108 Volts
    Suggested Battery (Ah): 165Ah – 225Ah
    Comparable HP: 40HP


  • EP-70 Electric Inboard


    Voltage: 108 Volts
    Suggested Battery (Ah): 220Ah – 275Ah
    Comparable HP: 70HP


  • EP-100 Electric Inboard


    Voltage: 144 Volts
    Suggested Battery (Ah): 220Ah – 300Ah
    Comparable HP: 100HP


  • EP-200 Electric Inboard


    Voltage: 144 Volts
    Suggested Battery (Ah): 590Ah
    Comparable HP: 150-250HP


Award-Winning Electric Motors

elco motor yachts

Electric Inboard Motors

There is no better way.

The award-winning Elco electric inboard motor system uses highly reliable AC induction motors that are powerful and simple to maintain, with a suggested service life of more than 50,000 hours. Whether powering a new build or retrofitting a traditional boat, Elco electric inboard motors are designed with easy installation in mind. They are suitable for sailboats, launches, trawlers, catamarans, workboats, and water taxis from 15-feet through 85-feet, with a wide range of horsepower options from 6HP to 100HP. When purchasing an Elco E-Power System, you’re not just receiving an electric inboard electric motor, you’re purchasing all the essential components to power the vessel with electric propulsion, excluding the batteries and charger. This includes the E-Gauge IV, Throttle, Ignition Key, Power on Light, Power Boost Button, Controller/AC Inverter, and 15’ Pre-Wired Harness.

All Elco electric inboard motor system components are pre-wired for “plug & play” installation. With batteries configured, your system can be up and running in minutes. Re-powering with electric is far less complex than replacing a diesel because there is no fuel, cooling or exhaust lines, throttle linkages, shifting linkages, or individual wires to deal with. E-Power Electric Hybrid options include generators and/or solar/ wind components to meet continuous cruising needs. The AC induction motor is more efficient than its DC counterpart by a factor of 20% to 40%, depending on the load. It creates a lot more torque, accelerates faster, and since it has no mechanical connections, other than the ball bearings at each end of the rotor, maintenance is minimal. In short, it is a simple, rugged, and reliable design. Furthermore, an AC motor is more receptive to electrical regeneration – it naturally wants to regen. The entire propulsion system, excluding instrument panel and batteries, is contained in a water-resistant cast aluminum finned housing that contains all of the electronics, AC motor, and safety devices. The system is mounted directly in place of a typical marine diesel or gas engine.

Whether on the sound, around the bay, along the lake or on the river, it is highly valuable to protect our waters. The Elco Electric inboard motor is a highly efficient and extremely durable alternative to fossil fuel options.

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