Originally, from Seattle, we’ve always been around the water. I started working on boats at age 18 in Key West, Florida on the third largest reef in the world, just teeming with sea life. Over time I would hop on boats going on voyages around the world. Upon returning to Key West I would see first hand the degradation in the coral reefs and surrounding sea life. I realized I wanted to become involved in change. Having a “Green” Tour charter business with twin Elco electric motors feels like being part of something bigger. It feels like we are making strides in the right direction to helping our oceans recover.

We saw a need for innovation here on the West Coast in the charter boat industry. We developed a design around electric propulsion and being more eco-conscious. Our design is more efficient using less material and in the end having less waste. Combine our business model, Joe’s boat building skills, with Elco’s superior motors and we have the incredible “El Cat” (Electric Catamaran).

One of our guiding philosophies is that viewing the natural beauty of Monterey Bay and the Elkhorn Slough should have minimal impact on the wildlife and environment. A great step in that direction was choosing the Elco Electric Outboard Motor and having a massive reduction of the noise and pollution caused by fossil fuel powered engines.

Our tour is an hour and a half on the Elkhorn Slough. The Slough is the home to the largest population of Southern Sea Otters as well as a refuge for harbor seals, sea lions and tons of migratory birds. Passengers get to enjoy viewing this abundance of wildlife at a safe distance on the quiet, smooth comfortable fully electric catamaran without all the noise and vibration of a gas-powered engine.