I have now owned my Elco for one full season and it operated flawlessly. I have it mounted to a 14’ x 6’ mini-toon and I really like the performance of the EP-9.9. Most of my neighbors are using a small trolling motor that has much less power, paid about the same price as me and need to replace it every 3 to 4 years. The purchase process was simple and everything is clearly outlined on the website.

I put four small solar panels on the back of the boat which helps extend the cruising range and maintains the batteries on those sunny days. This fall I ran 120V out to my pier and purchased two 4-amp battery chargers (I have two batteries in the back of the boat and two in the front of the boat). My first season I was just using the solar panels to charge, now I can’t wait until this summer! I can run the boat on and off all day, even pull my daughter on a tube, knowing I can charge the batteries for pennies overnight.

It was a really fun season as I’m the fastest boat on my lake and this summer I had 3 people come up to me  and ask “if it was an electric motor.” My lake has an electric motor only policy, I couldn’t be happier with my decision to go with an Elco Electric Outboard.