Here is a big shout out to Elco Motors!!! I live in Ohio and we have big electric only lakes in the area. Bass fishing on those lakes is great because the big horsepower gas outboards are no allowed. However, with just a small trolling motor, it’s hard to get around. So I started doing my research. While I was digging around on the internet, I found Elco Motors. They are located here in the good ol’ USA and they have been around since 1893. I found that Elco built sub chasers in WWI and they build PT boats in WWII including one very famous PT 109 captained by a young JFK! Being a 20 year retired Navy Veteran myself, I was sold. I sent an email to Brandon on the sales team, and he set me up with an EP5 motor, batteries and everything that I needed to get out on the water. I had my boat dealer install the motor and batteries on my 2021 16’ Lund Fury Tiller and I set out to go chase Bass. First trip out on the water and the EP5 motor ran great, the boat handled perfectly and I landed a 2 lbs. 7 oz Bass! Thanks Elco you folks rock! now I’m off to my next Electric only adventure!