electric powered boats

EP-40 Inboard

“The MotherShip is a luxury, eco-friendly family boating experience. A spacious 45-feet long and 16-feet wide, she is propelled by powerful electric motors that are fueled by solar panels.”

The Mothership debuted at The Sydney International Boat Show from July 31 to August 4, 2014.

Introducing the MotherShip, a luxury eco-friendly family boating experience. A spacious 45 feet long and 16 feet wide she is propelled by powerful electric motors that are fuelled by solar panels. She sleeps 12 people in comfort.

The MotherShip has 3 decks – with a captains deck with controls on the roofdeck and down below in the lounge, this split helm station was engineered the Elco. MotherShip is taking orders now for this eco friendly home afloat built in Australia.

The propellers themselves are driven by the equivalent of 2 40HP the EP-4000 electric motors designed and manufactured by Elco. Power for the motors comes from 2 banks of 9 batteries. The batteries are charged by two means, firstly by solar panels and if needs be, a diesel generator. The batteries would be able to provide enough power to run the motors at cruising speed for 6 hours. However, if the diesel generator is switched on, cruising speed can be maintained continuously. This means that if you were to use the MotherShip only at the weekends you wouldn’t need the diesel generator and if you were to embark on a long cruising holiday, you’d engage the generator as required. That said, it’s worth bearing in mind that fuel consumption will be minimal.

Upper Deck

A stunning feature of the MotherShip is the Upper Deck, offering all round views of the natural world. No other vessel offers a similarly spacious area. This is the perfect place to relax and entertain.

Be smug in the knowledge that whilst they are having fun, the solar panels above the awning are working hard to charge MotherShip’s batteries. It’s a great place for kids to sleep under mosquito nets and gaze at the moon and stars.

Main Deck

The main deck is where the MotherShip offers the luxury and space equal to a boat twice her size and cost. The comfortable sofas are placed on small plinths allowing easier viewing of the natural world outside. Each sofa will seat 4 adults. Interestingly, younger members prefer to sit on the plinths. The two swivel chairs allow 360 degree views. All 12 passengers can sit together in the main deck. The sofas can also be turned into further bed space.

Moving aft, there is access to the sleeping accommodation and 2 generous bathrooms with shower, toilet and washbasin. At the after end of the boat, there is a comfortably large galley/dining room. Bifold doors completely open up the forward and after decks and louvered windows along the port and starboard side provide exceptional views and ventilation. A second steering station can be swung down from the main deck ceiling if the weather is inclement or for close quarter manoeuvring.

Lower Deck

Using the hulls as cabins is an innovative feature borrowed from sailing catamarans and allows full use of the other decks. There are 4 separate cabins each offering intimate views of the water.