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So what does the Elco Electric outboard sound like:

One of the most frequently asked questions is “what does the motor sound like” – let us know if you have any questions.

Elco Electric Outboards:

The Elco outboard is the choice for OEMs and Dealers for its rugged construction, traditional outboard design and more.

History of Elco:

The Electric Launch Company, one of the world’s premier builders of American Boat Design. In its stellar 57 years of boatbuilding, Elco produced more than 3,000 pleasure boats and more than 1,500 military vessels, from the 55 electric launches introduced to the world at the 1893 Chicago World’s Columbian Exposition, to the 399 PT boats it built during World War II. Not only did Elco set the pace in design and construction, it pioneered marketing, sales, advertising, and customer-service techniques that are taken for granted today.

Elco Electric Parallel Hybrid:

Beneteau ST-34: Elco’s parallel–hybrid lets you enjoy the roar of diesel power on open water and relax with a quiet, environmentally-friendly cruise in channels, rivers and lakes. The Elco parallel-hybrid also provides added security of a second motor for single-engine vessels. Now you can enjoy the best of both worlds!

Elco Electric Inboard & Outboard Motors:

Take a look at the new Elco Electric Inboard and Outboard motors. Power your boat with full electric power – or go Hybrid with our inboard systems.

ELCO 2015 Electric Elite Series:

Electric-only lakes are quickly becoming the go-to destination for fishing clubs across the country. Elco has been helping boaters enjoy a clean, quiet cruising experience with its line of electric motors for more than 100 years, and now the team is getting ready to cast its first line in an electric-only fishing tournament by partnering with the Dixie Jon Boat Bass Anglers to host the Dixie Duel Open.

USOC Adventures TV 2015 show 12:

First, USOC travels to California and team up with “The Heart of Valor” for a deep sea fishing trip with Pursuit Channel and USOC Trip Winner ARMY Veteran Mark Altman. Next, they feature the Elco Elite Fishing Series an All-Electric only fishing tournament at Lake Varner in Georgia. Lastly the product segment, USOC features GameXtactor. Protect the rack and save your back.

Beneteau Swift Trawler Hybrid powered by Elco Electric:

Full Elco Electric power or cruise on the Cummins Diesel. With a flip of a switch you can go from silent, clean  pure electric power, to diesel.

ELCO Electric Propulsion 9 9 Outboard Demo 2015:

Elco’s ruggedly constructed electric outboard engines may be small in size, but they are big on advanced design ideas, innovative features and motor performance. Elco electric outboards are available in 9.9HP, 14HP and 20HP. Electric outboard engines require virtually no maintenance and offer operation cost savings in the long term.

The Green Machine:

A 34′ Elco Cruisette built in 1941 and recently renovated by Elco and Hall’s Boatworks. The original engine, gas tanks, and the majority of the mechanical and electrical components were pulled out and repowered with an Elco EP-7000 inboard electric motor. With its new electric motor, batteries and solar panels, it has a cruising range of about 65 miles at speeds of up to 8.5 knots. Plus, with the addition of its diesel generator, the Green Machine can cruise continuously for 465 miles.

Electric Outboard:

Quiet, clean and powerful this Elco outboard electric is equivalent to a 9.9 horsepower combustion engine. Thank you to Monster Jump for this great video.

Elco Electric System – Cool, quiet and smooth:

The entire propulsion system, excluding instrument panel and batteries is contained in a water tight cast aluminum finned housing that contains all of the electronics, AC motor, and safety devices, as well as side flanges that allows the system to be mounted directly in place of a typical marine diesel nor gas engine, by virtue of having the same footprint and being dimensionally smaller.

More important than the quietness and efficiency of these systems, is the extreme reliability they offer in calm as well as adverse conditions. They are able to continue operating in conditions of water ingress that would put a diesel or gas engine out of service when need the most, and they are ready to run full speed at a moment’s notice by the turn of the key switch without warm up and without missing a beat.

Customer Testimonials

Electric Propulsion the “better” choice: With Electric propulsion there is no noise, no vibration, you don’t have to check oil or belt tension, you don’t need to winterize, there isn’t any scheduled service until 50,000 operational hours – if your boat lasts that long! Electric propulsion is the responsible choice  for the environment – Help keep our waters clean, Elco has been doing it since 1893.

Electric Propulsion Satisfaction: The Electric Motor is quiet – it will surprise people. And guess what you never need gas or diesel again. No oil on board and that’s just the beginning of the benefits.

Electric Motor Compared to a Combustion Engine: The Elco Electric Propulsion System is just as powerful as a combustion engine. And it is a responsible choice for boat owners. Zero pollution, no noise and maintenance free.

Elco Electric Propulsion System is Simple Install: Drawing upon Elco’s rich history as the leader in reliable marine electric propulsion, while blending in the most advanced technology in motors and controllers, Elco has developed a new more efficient series of marine propulsion systems based upon the use of super reliable AC induction motors. The systems are all plug and play making installation straightforward for retrofitting existing boats as well as in new boat construction, and they are suitable for powering sailboats, launches, and catamarans from 15′ through 85′.

Elco Electric Propulsion is Simple to Operate: Elco Electric owners share their experiences with the simple operation and the zero maintenance that comes with owning an Elco Electric Propulsion System.

Electric Propulsion is Evironmentally Friendly: Sailing experts, and Elco Electric owners talk about the responsible choice and why they decided to go with an electric motor from Elco.

Elco AC Electric Motor Compared to a DC Motor: Joe Fleming discusses the advantages of the AC motor. Why Elco choose to change from the traditional DC technology to AC.