electric pontoon boat

EP 9.9RL Outboard

“The motor package was absolutely unbelievable…This engine is a workhorse… I think it’s probably the best motor out there.”

I have an Elco EP9.9 on my 20ft Encore Bentley pontoon and we use it in a private lake, probably about 25 or 30 acres. And it’s a private lake in a private community. We couldn’t go gas because we’re trying to keep the lake as clean as possible.

The motor package was absolutely unbelievable. I think it’s probably the best motor out there. And I’ve had big boats with big engines and I really like this motor. There’s a lot of shallows, and this is the perfect motor for what we’re using. I only have 100-amp hour batteries, and I can pretty much run that boat for two days. It’s a great motor —it’s easy, and it’s light. I lift it off myself after we run the boat.

One thing about the electric is it’s quiet. You can talk while you’re underway. You don’t have that smoke, and you don’t have that gas. You don’t have any of that aggravation with that electric. And the motor to this day looks brand new.

This engine is a workhorse, I’ll tell you. This was my first foray into electric. I just drop the motor in the water, turn the key and go. I don’t have to worry about gas, oil, fumes, noise, any of that stuff. It’s a great situation. And, so far, no maintenance whatsoever.