EP-6 Electric Inboard



Comparable HP:6HP
Voltage:24 Volts
Suggested Battery Package Options:
Deep Cycle AGM – Victron – 12V / 110ah (2 pack)
Lithium Iron Phosphate – 24V / 100ah (single pack)

Congratulations on getting one step closer to purchasing your award-winning Elco Electric Inboard. Select your options and accessories below.

*Motor Mounts are included

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Step 1. Select Throttle Control.

Select Throttle Mount Type

Step 2. Select Couplings

Select female for motor and male for prop shaft if needed.

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    Female Coupling for Motor


    Solid hub flange- 4IN X 1-1/8IN bore


    Male Coupling for Prop Shaft


    4" Flange - Select size based on your prop shaft


Step 3. Select Batteries & Charger

If you do not have batteries and a charger, you will need to select either AGM or Lithium batteries with the matching charger type. If you already have batteries but need a charger, select the applicable charger based on the type of battery you have.

Step 4. Select Battery Connection Kit

Pre-assembled battery connection cables simplify motor installation. Our 7-foot electric battery cables and 18-inch battery jumper cables are adequately sized based on the motor amp draw. Swaged terminal ends are sealed with epoxy-impregnated heat-shrink tubing where they connect to marine-grade fuse blocks, Anderson motor connectors, and batteries.

  • *



    Use this 7ft Battery Connection Harness to connect your batteries.

    Compatible with Following Motors:

    Outboards: EP-5 | EP-9.9 | EP-14 | EP-20

    Inboards: EP-6 | EP-12 | EP-20



Step 5. Select Battery Monitor

Battery monitors help you take better care of your battery. Your battery monitor also provides real-time and historical information on voltage, power consumption, and more.

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    The BMV-700 is Victron’s newest high precision battery monitor. The essential function of a battery monitor is to calculate ampere-hours consumed and the state of charge of a battery. Ampere-hours consumed are calculated by integrating the current flowing in or out of the battery.




    Built-in Bluetooth Communication - Monitor your batteries on Apple or Android smartphones, tablets, macbooks, and other devices Easy to Install.


    Elco DASH App – Bluetooth Connector


    Elco’s DASH motor app wirelessly turns any iOS or Android mobile device into a full-function dashboard.

    (DASH Bluetooth connector required on the motor, included with purchase)

    Click Store to Download after install


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Elco EP System – Electric Boat Propulsion at Its Finest

The Elco Electric Propulsion System is well engineered using advanced technologies for reliable and outstanding performance. All of Elco’s products are built in the USA.

Elco Electric Motor: Cool, Quiet & Powerful

The entire propulsion system, excluding instrument panel and batteries, is contained in a water-resistant cast aluminum finned housing containing all the electronics, PMAC motor, and safety devices. The system is mounted directly in place of a typical marine diesel or gas engine. Whether on the sound, around the bay, along the lake, or on the river, it is precious to protect our waters. The Elco Electric Propulsion System is a highly efficient and durable alternative to fossil fuel options.

* Performance may vary based on operating conditions. The figures provided above relate to travel at between 60 – 80% of hull speed.

** Shore power-50% depth of discharge

To convert from nautical miles (nm) to statute miles multiply nm by 1.15.

With Electric Hybrid system additional kilowatts should be added depending on house loads (1,000 watts equals 1kW)

Battery Voltage 24
Amps (Maximum DC Input Current) 125
Maximum RPM 900
Continuous Output KW Rating 3kW
Length 13.9″
Width 12.7″
Height 11″
Weight 68lbs
Maximum Operating Voltage 34Vdc
Minimum Operating Voltage 20Vdc