“We purchased our 1956 18’0” South Coast lap strake launch in 2012 to cruse the channels of South San Diego Bay where we live. We were drawn to the boat because of its age and West Coast pedigree. She was built at the now closed South Coast Yacht and Shipbuilders yard 75 miles north in Newport Beach, Ca..  After the purchase we repowered “MissFitz” with a period correct Gray Marine engine. MissFitz has always, and continues to live in salt water year round, being hauled annually for bottom paint and maintenance.

Needing another rebuild on the gas engine recently, and since we cruise the channels at only 5 kts, we decided to explore an electric motor option. I contacted Elco and was given excellent advice on the repower by Peter Houghton and head technician Jim Healy, It was decided the EP-12 was the right choice given how we use the boat.   “MissFitz” uses 8 – 115 amp hour AGM batteries that provide an amazing 3 hours of  cruising time!  The gas engine was loud, but the Elco Motor is very quiet allowing for great conversation and a much more enjoyable cruise.

I performed the installation myself and enjoyed the project, the support from Elco made it much easier than I anticipated and we are extremely happy with the outcome, the ease of use and reduced maintenance has made using the boat stress free, no more flushing the engine with fresh water! We now cruise silently, with no vibration, and no gas fumes, it’s just perfect.”