Elco is one of the most storied brands in American boating history.


By combining traditional and proven designs with trailblazing motor and control technology, Elco leads the industry in electric-propulsion. Boating enthusiasts trust Elco for its durable, powerful, safe and efficient motors that are built to the level of excellence that has guided the company for more than 130 years. Elco’s passion for electrifying the boating industry is driven by sustaining the excitement and lasting memories marine activities provide millions of families around the globe, and Elco seeks to heighten that experience with outboard and inboard electric and hybrid propulsion systems that provide quiet and clean power for those water-based activities. If only 5 percent of the approximately 13 million registered boats in the U.S. today repowered with electric, 1 billion pounds of CO2 emissions would be eliminated. In addition, more than half of the oxygen we breathe comes from the ocean and keeping our bodies of water free from emissions, oil, and other pollutants is key to ensuring the future of our fresh water and air. Elco considers pioneering sustainability for the marine industry its obligation to ensure future generations have the opportunity to experience the joy provided by our fresh bodies of water.


1950 - Today

  • Elco designs and manufactures the highest quality electric outboard and inboard boat motors while combining traditional and proven designs with cutting-edge technology.
  • Elco’s classic motor yachts are legendary. Each vessel is crafted from superior materials and fitted with only the most superb appointments to produce a great, comfortable, and extremely enjoyable boating experience.
  • Today, we proudly produce electric and hybrid systems for all types of boats and yachts.


pt boats - elco motor yachts
  • Elco produces 399 PT boats for the Allies’ war effort in record time (one every 60 hours) during WWII. Of these, PT109 with future President John F. Kennedy aboard, was rammed and sunk at sea.
  • Lt. John Bulkeley was awarded a Congressional Medal of Honor for his life-waving maritime initiatives aboard his Elco during WWII. One of the rescued sailors was Admiral Dewey.
pt boats - elco motor yachts


  • The 1920s until the onset of WWII are considered Elco’s Golden Age. During this period the Company primarily built luxury cruising powerboats, aka yachts, known as “Cruisettes”.
  • Elco introduced the enclosed deckhouse and revolutionized the industry, paving the way for family-oriented recreational boating.
luxury motor yachts - electric boat motor


luxury motor yachts - electric boat motor
  • The rise of the American middle class prompts the opening of the “Port Elco” showroom in 1923. Walk-ins could peruse displays featuring yachts up to 50-feet long.
  • In 1928, Charles Lindbergh commissioned a custom 38′ Elco cruiser, Mouette, which he later used on his wedding day to escape the paparazzi.


  • In 1915, the British Admiralty awards a contract to Elco to produce 550 sub-chasing 80′-foot, “motor launches” which the Company supplies in only 488 working days.
  • Also in 1915, Elco debuted its “Cruisette”, a standardized yacht.
elco electric launches - electric boat motor


port elco club - electric boat motor
  • Elco designs one of the first “planing” hulls -the Elcoplane Bug
  • Henry Ford and Thomas Edison each own an Elco and moor their vessels at their adjoining Florida estates.


  • Originally a shipbuilder, newly incorporated Elco won a coveted contract to supply 55 Electric Launches at the 1893 Chicago World’s Columbian Exposition.
  • Industry titans and world leaders are quick to adopt this new technology: John Jacob Astor owned four, Grand Duke Alexander of Russia and his ill-fated cousin, Czar Nicholas II also owned Elco launches.

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