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Electric Outboards

Traditional on the outside, cutting-edge on the inside

Electric Inboards

All torque, one moving part, and no transmission

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Elco's Story

Our legacy stretches back more than 125 years ago to the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair.

Sam Barnes, Georgia

EP-9.9RL Outboard
“I am truly happy with my choice and decision to purchase and operate the Elco. I am looking forward to the continued pleasure and problem free fishing.” > Read More

Jim & Donna Clark, Michigan

EP-20RL Outboard
“ Elco Motor Yachts made all our dreams come true! It is so refreshing cruising around with clean air and without the smell of gas” > Read More

electric pontoon boat

Dorena Radomski, Michigan

EP-20RL Outboard
“The EP-20 motor is phenomenal. People stop to ask me if it’s a gas motor because it goes so fast!” > Read More

electric boat motor

Alan Dunkley, Ontario

EP-14RL Outboard
“Overall, I’m quite happy with the motor, and I’m happy with the way it’s working. I get so many people that come to my dock and ask me about the motor.” >Read More

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