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Battery monitors and Elco’s DASH motor app help maximize performance of your electric propulsion system, but in different ways. Think of an electric battery monitor as your electric vessel’s fuel gauge. It’s hardwired into the battery system for the most accurate, real-time look at your electric battery’s charge level along with discharge and charge rates. Elco’s DASH motor app, utilizing a Bluetooth interface hardwired directly into your inboard or outboard electric motor, and also accessing your smart device’s GPS, becomes both an electric motor display and trip computer.

Battery Monitors

Victron Energy battery monitors serve as your electric vessel’s fuel gauge while also monitoring electric batteries and battery chargers. Hardwiring directly into the battery system provides electric battery monitors with enhanced accuracy. The splash-proof gauge shows real-time battery volts and percent of charge, as well as discharge and charge rates. Electric battery monitors track total battery capacity, total power used, and power remaining from a charge, and also detect battery faults. Some models offer wireless Bluetooth app integration. Installation kits include a shunt and quick-connect cable as well as round or square bezel options and gauge mounting hardware.

Bluetooth Connection Module for DASH Motor App

Elco’s free DASH motor app turns any iOS or Android mobile device into a wireless full-function dashboard. Utilizing the eData Bluetooth module available for all new Elco electric outboard motors, as well as select Elco electric inboard motors, DASH serves as a tachometer, speedometer, and motor display, showing RPM and speed in MPH, KPH or knots, along with volts, amps and watts. Elco’s DASH motor app also integrates battery and GPS information to compute remaining runtime and range, which helps optimize speed and trim to maximize economy.

The Elco DASH motor app’s intuitive interface with bold, colorful graphics quickly guides owners through pairing with Elco electric motors and calculating battery capacity. A convenient alert appears when only 20% battery life remains. App alerts for motor, battery or throttle parameters can, with a touch, be sent to Elco for troubleshooting. Elco’s DASH motor app is available at the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.