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  • Motor Mount Set (4pack)


    For Motors:
    EP-40 | EP-70 | EP-100 | EP-200 (x2)


Motor mounts are crucial components of your boat’s propulsion system. They provide a stable and secure foundation for your boat’s electric motor, which ensures optimal performance and longevity. At Elco Motor Yachts, we understand this importance and offer high-quality electric motor mounts designed to secure and optimize your engine.

Choose Elco Motor Yachts’ top-notch boat motor mounts to ensure the best performance for your boat. The superior materials and engineering expertise we employ in crafting our motor mounts make us stand out from our competitors. Designed for durability and low maintenance, Elco’s electric motor mounts can withstand harsh marine environments and minimize engine vibrations.

Get your boat equipped with the best protection and support it deserves. Shop our high-quality, reliable motor mounts that deliver superiority. We are proud to offer a wide range of options suitable for different types and sizes of boats.