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Battery Connection Kit

Shop online for marine battery cables for your electric inboard and outboard motors.



    Outboards- EP-5 | EP-9.9 | EP-14 | EP-20
    Inboards- EP-6 | EP-12 | EP-20




    Outboards- EP-30 | EP-50
    Inboards- EP-40 | EP-70 | EP-100


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Electric Outboard Motors

The Trusted Solution for Electric Boating

Pre-assembled boat battery connection cables simplify electric boat motor installation. Our outboard motor battery cables are fabricated from high-quality marine-grade cable utilizing durable outer insulation and stranded, tinned copper wire for flexibility and corrosion resistance. Swaged terminal ends are sealed with epoxy-impregnated heat-shrink tubing where they connect to marine-grade fuse blocks, Anderson motor connectors, and batteries. Our 7-foot electric outboard battery cables and 18-inch battery jumper cables are adequately sized based on motor amp draw. Longer battery connection cables may require heavier gauge wire.

Quality and craftsmanship are at the forefront of the design for our battery connection kits. Installation and use are easy, and these connection kits are an investment that will act as an integral part of your electric motor’s battery system.