Electric Propulsion Boat Motors

A pioneer in electric propulsion back in 1893, Elco is again leading the way today.

With the first fully integrated electric boat motor and drive system, available in AC technology, Elco brings reliability, durability, and high efficiency together with ease of use and ease of installation. The system is ideally and responsibly suited for sailboats as well as yacht tenders and launches.

Electric Inboard Boat Drives – Zero Emission

Whether on the Sound, around the bay, along the lake, or on the river, there is high value in protecting our waters. The Elco electric boat drives are a highly efficient and extremely durable alternative to fossil fuel options.

Go Green With Elco Boat Motors

Go completely off the grid and choose a solar or wind generator for battery charging. Or choose a small diesel-powered generator set. Elco will work with you on the option that best serves your needs.

Elco Electric Boat Motors Advanced Technologies

The Elco electric drive system is well engineered using advanced technologies for reliable and outstanding performance. It is built from more than a century of experience that only Elco can bring.

Elco Motor System Warranty