EP-9.9 Outboard: How Clint Outlaw dominates tournaments with electric motors.

Clint Outlaw: Virginia

Twin EP-20 Outboards: The Glass Bottom Tour boat has been nominated for Workboat of the Year by Workboat Magazine.

Silver Springs State Park: Florida

EP-40 Inboard: With an air cooled Elco EP-40 motor the PAT II has a cruising speed of 6.5 knots and a maximum speed of just around 10 knots

Finger Lakes Boating Museum: New York

EP-5 Outboard: I love this rig and it’s a really fun change of pace from running my 250 HP gas guzzler.

Terry Spencer: Oklahoma

EP-5 Outboard: We chose an Elco EP-5 for our “new” 14’ 1959 Lone Star to provide quiet morning and evening cruises.

Bill Whitmore: New Jersey

EP-5 Outboard: First trip out on the water and the EP5 motor ran great, the boat handled perfectly and I landed a 2 lbs. 7 oz Bass!

Jim N: Ohio

Twin EP-20 Inboards: We developed a design around electric propulsion and being more eco-conscious.

Joe & Wendy Kitchell: Monterey Bay Eco Tours

EP-9.9 Outboard: I have now owned my Elco for one full season and it operated flawlessly. I have it mounted to a 14’ x 6’ mini-toon and I really like the performance of the EP-9.9.

Dave Rollman: Wisconsin

EP-12 Inboard: Elco made it much easier than I anticipated and we are extremely happy with the outcome, the ease of use and reduced maintenance has made using the boat stress free, no more flushing the engine with fresh water!

Patricia and Dan Fitzgerald, California

EP-40 Inboard: The installation was quite easy, Elco’s prompt customer service made it stress free, when we had questions they were quick to respond to guide us. The motors really never need to be serviced, they have one moving part and they operate without a glitch.

1896 Electric Launch “Segar”