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Outboard Motor Propellers

Shop for outboard motor propellers for electric boat motors.

  • EP-5 | EP-9.9 – SPARE PROPELLER – 3 – 7.5″ X 7″



  • EP-14 | EP-20 | EP-30 – SPARE PROPELLER – 3 – 9.25″ X 8″



  • EP-14 | EP-20 | EP-30 – SPARE PROPELLER – 3 – 9.25″ X 10″



  • EP-50 – SPARE PROPELLER – 3 – 9.875″ X 12″



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Electric Outboard Motors

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Elco’s electric outboard motors and electric inboard motors turn underwater propellers to create thrust, just like gas and diesel engines. Even for a given horsepower, though, the perfect propeller might be quite different for a heavy displacement boat, a semi-displacement boat, or a speedy planing boat. Because electric motors produce torque differently than gas or diesel engines, we strongly suggest reaching out to our experienced sales and engineering team to help choose the right boat motor prop for a particular application. You can also ask us about replacement outboard propellers if yours can’t be repaired or if you’d prefer to buy a new one. Elco stocks a selection of outboard motor props for our electric outboards, as well as spare sheer pins, nuts, and other accessories. We also work with leading propeller manufacturers and propeller repair shops to mate the right prop to each Elco electric-powered boat.