Pure Electric Outboard Motors

Going green is not a new concept. Many boaters and fishermen do not consider that the gas powered motors they’ve chosen to pilot their vessels to their favorite waterways or fishing holes are polluting those very waters and decimating the fish populations. The solution is Elco. Our pure electric outboard motors run on powerful and rechargeable batteries. Their operation is quiet, eliminating noise pollution as well. Reliable for the long-haul, your Elco electric outboard motor is also an economical choice – it will never require a tune-up, gas, or need to be winterized.

Once you’ve made the decision to “go green” and have been searching for electric outboards, Elco has the motor to match your vessel. Whether it’s the EP-9.9, EP-14 or EP-20, Electric Propulsion (EP) outboard motors from Elco quietly, efficiently, cleanly and reliably propel commercial and leisure watercraft.

Elco’s ruggedly constructed electric outboard motors may be small in size, but they are big on advanced design ideas, innovative features and motor performance. Elco electric outboards are available in 9.9 HP (the EP-9.9 model), 14 HP (the EP-14 model) and 20 HP (the EP-20 model). The comparable gas outboard horsepower of these three models at the propeller are 9.9 HP, 14 HP and 20 HP. Elco electric outboards require virtually no maintenance and offer operation cost savings in the long term.

EP14 Electric Outboards

EP-20 Electric Outboard Motors

Lightweight and compact, Elco’s EP “Pure Electric” outboards are environmentally friendly and only use batteries to operate, removing the danger, mess and odor of fuel and oil on board your watercraft. Elco’s electric outboards also eliminate the risk of damage that may occur with the loading and unloading of fuel tanks.

Easy to Install Electric Outboards

Easy to install and traditional in design, Elco’s electric outboards come pre-wired and are ready for easy installation. Our motors fit most standard motor mounts. The Elco EP Motor is pure torque, unlike a diesel that uses belts, pulleys and other moving parts that break down over time. Just select your batteries, connect them to the motor, and you are on your way.

Enjoy the cutting-edge technology that only Elco motors provide. By replacing your fuel-powered motor with a sleek electric motor, you can increase the value of your vessel, reduce environmental impact and start enjoying greater safety, reliability and ride comfort today.

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