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New Legend e36 HYBRID can be seen at the PSP Southampton Boat Show, Mayflower Park

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SOUTHAMPTON, UK September 16, 2011- The new Legend e36 HYBRID features the all new Elco E Power hybrid system, featuring the new Elco EP4000 AC electric motor. The E Power system includes an integrated network of high performance recharging options with a range of over 800 nautical miles at five knots cruising speed at a cost of eight cents per nautical mile when under battery power only. The Legend e36 HYBRID follows the introduction of the award-winning Elco electric-powered Legend e27 sailboat.

To learn more, arrange an appointment or interview, please contact Kevin M. Kearns at +1 (949) 394-2216, (877) 411-3526, or via e-mail at kkearns@elcomotoryachts.com.

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