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Meeting the Public is a Pleasure, Whether it’s in the US or France

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Athens, NY The employees of the Elco Motor Yachts company, from management to the manufacturing unit to the sales and marketing staff, are rightfully proud of their unique, “Green” product. This pride is evident when company representatives hit the road, or in the case of the Paris Boat Show, the air, to get out and share the companies’ message with the boating public.

When Elco representatives visited the Paris Boat Show in December of 2010, they found that both boaters and the media, representing the European public in general, were extremely interested in Elco’s line of electric auxiliary powerplants, as “green” is a way of life on the continent.

This interaction is best illustrated by a Promotional video from Elco, available at www.youtube.com/elcomotoryachts, which follows Elco Motor Yachts Vice-President Kevin Kearn’s explanation to a French media representative, through an interpreter, of the benefits of their products. Besides being compact and vibration free, the electric units, which replace gas and diesel powerplants, are also noiseless.

“You can go out from the dock to the ocean, turn off the motor and sail without ever hearing any noise,” explained Kearns through the interpreter. And that’s a great selling point on either side of the Atlantic.

Another characteristic that proved very popular with the thousands of enthusiasts who visited the Elco Motor Yachts display at the Paris show was that the batteries that power the electric motor can be recharged using either shore power or onboard solar panels and/or wind generators, either of which helps reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.

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