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Green is Clean: from Scuttlebutt Magazine Summer issue

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Elco is the recognized premier manufacturer of fine quality launches and electric drive systems. Their high-efficiency, electric drive systems are compact and can be install into new or existing boats from daysailders to 75′ yachts. Elco pioneered the electric boat over a century ago; long before gas powered vessels were in use. The Elco Electric Launch is available in 19,24, 30 and 36 foot sizes. Each is custom built which determines final cost. Hunter 27′ and 36′ sail vessels can be equipped with Elco electric drives systems providing a truly green experience.

Elco began offering electric outboard motors last year; 5, 7 and 9.9HP models and expects two in the 15 to 25HP range in 2015. The company has won numerous awards from publications that recognize excellence in design and manufacturing.

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