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Way Back “Whensday” 1925

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elco cruisette - electric boat motor

Way Back “Wednesday” takes us to 1925. Elco’s award winning advertising was in many many magazines across the world, telling tales of adventures aboard an Elco.

The ad reads…

-and what a summer for the children!

Close that city apartment, that suburban home-and live all summer on an Elco Cruisette! Hundreds of families in the big seaboard and lake cities are doing it; anchoring in some nearby bay or river within commuting distance of the office; shifting to other scenes as often as they wish-enjoying a more independent, less expensive happier summer than they ever had before.

And what a summer for the children! enjoying to the full their inborn love of adventure and seamanship, they will develop self-reliance and responsibility as they stand their watch at the wheel; fish and swim to their hearts’ content; gain rugged health with every breath of clean, keen air!

You will be surprised to learn how economically you can operate the Cruisette. Elco standardized construction and quantity production bring the price within reach of anyone who can afford a seaside cottage-and you can enjoy this beautiful boat for a whole year for an operating cost of less than $500!

Compare three solid months of pleasure in the Cruisette with two or three weeks at a seaside hotel; your sense of values will guide you to the Cruisette-the”Home Afloat.” Come to Port Elco-bring the youngster, too-and see the actual boat, just as she will be delivered to you. In the meantime, write for a catalog CL.

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