Drawing upon Elco’s rich history as the Electric Boat Company and the leader in reliable marine electric propulsion, while blending in the most advanced technology in motors and controllers, Elco has developed a new more efficient series of marine propulsion systems based upon the use of super reliable AC induction motors. The systems are all plug and play making installation straightforward for retrofitting existing boats as well as in new boat construction, and they are suitable for powering sailboats, launches, and catamarans from 15’ through 85’.

Hand-crafted boats and electric propulsion is available from other manufacturers, so why choose Elco?

For some, it is because only Elco Electric Boat Company offers such rich elegance and timeless styling in all our boats and motor yachts. For other’s it’s the technology and research that comes from producing electric propulsion for 120 years. Our electric launches built today echo the lines of the 1893 boats with many original castings and handcrafted details not found in other electric boats.

Elco Electric Boats and Motors for 120 Years

Every electric motor, boat and yacht built by Elco Electric Boat Company are crafted with superior attention to detail and always with the absolute highest quality materials and boat building techniques. See our line of Electric Motors today, go green and never put fuel in your boat again. View the video to the right on the new Elco Electric Motor.

Our production electric launches have finely fitted-out fiberglass hulls for ease of care, ease of ownership, and for a boat that’s always ready to go. Woodwork is beautifully crafted using carefully chosen pieces with good grain and color, then meticulously varnished by hand for a deep, rich finish.