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2010 Elco Launches: Luxury Motor Yachts

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As described in the Elco catalog from 1902, the first Elco electric launches “won the highest prizes at the World’s Fair in Chicago, 1893. Since that time they have been improved either mechanically or structurally, always with the result that more comfort has been gained, for we have spared nothing to make our electric launches the most complete, pleasurable and luxurious craft of their size afloat. Boating in such vessels is a rare delight.”

Those words were as true today as they were then.

Elco Motor Yachts is still building beautiful, hand-crafted electric launches in the tradition that we have been known for over 100 years. Our fantail launches built today echo those same lines of the 1893 boats with many original castings and handcrafted details not found in other electric boats. All boats are custom-fitted by our expert craftsmen. These are truly luxury motor yachts.

Fiberglass hull construction ensures your Elco boat is easy to own, easy to care for and always ready to go. The optional canopy adds to the charm and overall experience of these wonderful boats.

Each Elco Launch is equipped with an Elco electric drive system (motor, controller, electronics, throttle, display and drive connectors), plus maintenance-free batteries, on-board battery chargers, and an optional small generator set.

Electric Boat Motors

An Elco electric launch is the electric powered boat most admirably adapted for pleasure use. The electric boat motor is a simple but highly-advanced, noiseless machine directly connected to the propeller shaft. It is an elegant, clean, and quiet system designed to provide a boating experience unlike any other.

The Elco electric boat motor means an absence of odor, heat, smoke, and noise. Nothing to get in the way of enjoying your ride on this luxury motor yacht.

The Elco electric boat motor effectively addresses both environmental concerns and the rising cost of diesel and gasoline in great style. Choose from several sizes and style options to find the Elco Launch that’s right for you:

  • 19 Foot Elco Electric Launch: Truly a fine craft for leisurely cruising on smaller waters, and compact enough to be docked anywhere.
  • 24 Foot Elco Electric Launch All the warmth and integrity of a fine vintage watercraft; our most popular and versatile size launch.
  • 30 Foot Elco Electric Launch Combines the traditional elegance of the original Elco design with modern technology and superior craftsmanship. Nice size for charter service at hotels and summer resorts.
  • 36 Foot Elco Electric Launch The size and design most reminiscent of the electric launches used at the 1893 Colombian Exposition; perfect for elegantly accommodating larger groups and for commercial applications.

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