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Elco Motor Yachts Headed “Down East”

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Athens, NY Nothing says “pleasure boating” like the island-studded Maine coast. And along the Maine coast, nothing says “boat show” like the highly regarded Maine Boat Builders Show, set for Friday, March 18 through Sunday, March 20 at the Portland Company Complex in the tourist mecca of historic downtown Portland.

Representatives of Elco Motor Yachts have been on hand at all the major boat shows from coast to coast this winter and will continue the tradition in Portland, where factory staff will discuss the technology involved in the companies’ unique “green” electric propulsion systems and explain to the boating public how enthusiasts can benefit from using their product.

Elco has been a mainstay in the battery-powered boat industry for well over a century but their current products are the most efficient ever and are totally green, as the onboard batteries can be efficiently recharged using on-board solar cells and wind generators along with the traditional shore power connections.

While an example will not be on display, the Hunter 27E sailboat with Elco auxiliary power was nominated for Boat of the Year, 30 feet and under, by Cruising World and was named a Green Award winner by Sail magazine. The boat produces zero emissions and moves noiselessly without the heat, vibration and fumes that accompany traditional gas or diesel powered systems.

The system uses a 3-phase motor with but one moving part that offers the same thrust as a 14 hp diesel motor. State of the art batteries provide 6-8 hours of power before needing a recharge and the system is seen by many enthusiasts as the pleasure boating propulsion system of the future. The Elco Motor has a power range of 6,12, 20, 40 and 70 hp.

As Elco Vice-President Kevin Kearns is fond of saying when summarizing the Hunter 27E’s attributes, “You can go out from the dock to the ocean, turn off the motor and sail without ever hearing any noise!”

Organizers describe the Maine Boat Builders Show as “a gathering of the finest fiberglass and wooden custom boat builders on the East Coast but the show will also feature exhibits of boating equipment, sailboats, powerboats, canoes kayaks and row boats along with manufacturers such as Elco Motor Yachts. It’s the perfect opportunity to learn about the latest products as well as the application of technology by Elco, a company that has updated an old concept using modern technology, resulting in a product that is reliable, efficient and environmentally superior.

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