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Elco Motor Yachts Expands Line of Electric Propulsion Systems and Services for Customers and Installers at IBEX 2012

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Elco will be at Booth #349 at the International Boatbuilders Exhibition (IB5EX) in Louisville, Kentucky October 2 thru 4, 2012.

LOUISVILLE, KY– October 2, 2012 – The new Elco Motor Yachts EP-10000 delivers all the benefits of Elco’s Electric Propulsion Systems for sail and power boats in a motor comparable to a 100 hp diesel motor. The EP-10000 operates with a variety of proven Elco certified recharging accessories and components. In addition, Elco is announcing a Certified Installer Network supported by an updated motor sizing and pricing section on the company’s website, as well as the new E-Gauge VII full color cockpit display for all Elco electric motors. The expanded offering follows the introduction of the award-winning Elco electric-powered Hunter e27 sailboat and the Hunter e36 Hybrid, now in use on both coasts.

Elco Electric Propulsion Systems are being installed in sail and power boats from Vancouver, British Columbia to Key West Florida. Professional Boat Builders are choosing Elco for the performance and dependability of the motors as well as the company’s quick response service system. Channel Cutter Yachts Builder and Elco customer Bryan Gittins of Ladysmith, BC says, “ The Elco system just makes sense. I like the features, environmental benefits and the dependability. I’m not putting anything in one of my boats that isn’t going to perform”

The Elco H-36 “Hybrid” built by Hunter Marine was at the Dana Point Harbor Boat Show and is now part of the SailTime fleet in Newport Beach. The boat has been cruised to Twin Harbor, Catalina Island almost every weekend this summer. (Owner name) says, “We love our Elco motor. It’s clean and quiet. It’s one less thing to think about when we are cruising.” The other Elco H-36 “Hybrid” is in the SailTime Miami fleet. The boat is very popular with its members and is being used regularly.

According to Steve Lamando, CEO of Elco, “ Elco has been innovating electric propulsion for decades. The new Elco E-Power line, supported by a growing installer network, will give more sailors and boaters across the country an opportunity to weight the benefits of a cleaner, more efficient and ultimately more affordable option”

To learn more, arrange an appointment or interview, please contact Kevin M. Kearns at +1 (949) 394-2216, (877) 411-3526, or via e-mail at kkearns@elcomotoryachts.com.

All Elco AC electric motor meet or exceed the duration and speed standards of traditional gas and diesel propulsion systems. They replace high cost systems that regularly require maintenance and subject users to the emissions of gas and diesel motors. Elco provides a clean energy system with the option of recharging the 12 volt batteries by shore power, solar panels, generator or a wind turbine. All Elco Motor accessory components are selected and approved for installation by Elco Motor Yachts to exceed current sailboat propulsion performance standards and duration capabilities.

Elco E Power systems offer sailors and boaters more than just environmentally conscious cruising. The AC motor lowers motor operating and maintenance costs, eliminates the carbon monoxide and fumes present with traditional motors, runs cooler, quieter and weighs far less than gas or diesel motors. In addition, AC electric motors offer an advantage over DC models due to the lack of brushes and moving parts, which require regular maintenance and can wear out. Elco Motors have only one moving part and are completely sealed, making them highly water resistant to guard against moisture damage or corrosion.

For repowering applications, all of Elco’s electric motors fit easily onto existing diesel motor mounts. The Elco system includes an easy-to-use full-color display panel option that reports to the helmsmen shaft RPMs, duration in real time hours and minutes remaining, current amp/hour consumption, battery charging status and motor diagnostics.

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