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America’s Cup World Series

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The buildup to the 2013 America’s Cup continues this week with the America’s Cup World Series in San Francisco. Unlike the baseball version, this is a true world series, with previous events held in Portugal, Great Britain, and Italy. Defending champion Team Oracle Racing 4 leads the standings with 102 total points, nine more than New Zealand’s Emirates Team and 20 more than Sweden’s Artemis Racing.

The pinnacle of sailing technology, the boats used for the America’s Cup can actually sail faster than the wind that powers them! Upwind, they can achieve speeds 1.2 times faster than the wind, while sailing downwind could see speeds up to 1.6 times faster. While many of us won’t have the chance to sail on these catamarans, we still wonder: what if there isn’t any wind?

That’s where the Elco electric motor comes into play. A range of electric motors can power boats anywhere from 10 to 56 feet, with almost no motor noise and absolutely no gasoline or oil used. While we doubt these guys need our help, maybe you do!

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