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Leading the way with a complete plug and play Electric Propulsion System

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Athens, NY – Elco Motor Yachts has just completed two successful exhibitions, one to the industry insiders at the IBEX International Boatbuilders Exhibition and Conference, and secondly to the East Coast boating public at the Annapolis, United States Sailboat Show, both occurring in early October.

Elco started the year with a Boat of the Year Nominee for Boats under 30’ and a Sail Magazine Best Boats Winner in the “Green Category” with the Elco Powered Marlow-Hunter 27e. As the 2012 boating season is coming to a close, Elco is packing its bags and heading to METS, the world’s largest exhibition of equipment, materials and systems for the international marine leisure industry. Elco will be showcasing its “EP” Electric Propulsion Systems that have power ranges from 6 Horsepower up through 100 Horsepower.

Customers are raving about the Elco Electric Propulsion System. Hardworking brothers Mike and Brad Pease are trying to keep Cape Cod’s water as clean as it was when they were kids. “There is no carbon footprint with this Motor. It is totally off the grid,” Mike says proudly. “The fact that we can do this is because of what Elco has done. They provided us with an electric propulsion package that is virtually plug and play. The zero footprint system they built is a huge triumph.”

Elco motor owner John Jorgensen has seen marine technologies come and go during his lifetime on the water, and believes the Elco EP motor is here to stay: “Every boater is aware of the need for keeping our waters pristine for us and future generations. The Elco EP motor is very clean, silent and I think it’s the future of boating.” These are no small statements coming from a lifelong Mariner. See their entire testimonials at www.elcomotoryachts.com.

Elco representatives will be on hand at METS to answer questions related to their “zero emission” electric motor, which produces no noise, vibration, heat or fumes and has no need for regular maintenance. The EP motor uses a 3-phase AC motor with but one moving part that now offers owners of launches, trawlers, catamarans, and sailboats a reliable choice. State of the art batteries provide 6-8 hours of power before needing a recharge, which can be supplied by either shore power or the optional “Energy” package that combines onboard solar panels and a wind generator. Many believe that this system will be a mainstay of pleasure boating in the future.

For those unfamiliar with Elco, the company is the nation’s oldest manufacturer of electric boats with both a heritage of and reputation for quality dating to the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago.

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