How To Extend the Life of Your AGM Boat Battery

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How To Extend the Life of Your AGM Boat Battery

As a boating enthusiast, you understand the importance of maintaining every component of your vessel, including your absorbed glass mat (AGM) boat battery. Knowing how to extend the life of your AGM boat battery is not just beneficial for your wallet; it also contributes to sustainability by reducing waste.

Don’t Run It All the Way Down

Completely discharging an AGM battery can negatively affect its lifespan. To prevent this, avoid running the battery all the way down. Aim to keep the discharge level above 50 percent, and try to never run it down below 20 percent to ensure longevity and maintain optimal performance.

Always Fully Charge an AGM Battery

Just as a well-prepared sailor never sets out without a full stock of provisions, you should always aim to fully charge your AGM boat battery. Consistently charging the battery to its maximum capacity extends its service life. Allowing it to drain slowly without a recharge can cause a phenomenon called sulfation.

Sulfation is a chemical process wherein sulfuric acid, which forms a part of the electrolyte in AGM batteries, breaks down into water and lead sulfate during the discharge cycle. When the battery is left discharged for extended periods, the lead sulfate starts to harden and crystallize on the battery plates.

Sulfation occurs due to prolonged discharging or undercharging of the battery. It’s detrimental because these hardened sulfate crystals can hinder the chemical reaction within the battery, leading to decreased capacity, reduced efficiency, and battery failure.

Regularly charging your AGM battery fully is the key to combating sulfation, ensuring your AGM battery continues to power your boating adventures reliably and efficiently. However, overcharging is also a problem that can reduce battery life. Monitor the charging process closely to ensure charging stops at 100 percent.

Use a Manufacturer-Approved Charger

Use only a manufacturer-approved charger when charging your AGM battery. This ensures the battery receives the correct charging profile, preventing potential damage and increasing its overall lifespan.

Watch the Temperature When Charging

The environment plays a significant role in the lifespan of your AGM battery. Just as sailors must adjust their plans according to the weather, you need to watch the temperature when charging your battery. Extreme temperatures can reduce the battery’s capacity and shorten its life. Don’t charge your battery in freezing temperatures or in extreme heat.

Store Batteries Properly During the Off-Season

Just as historical vessels were meticulously maintained and stored during the off-season, you should take the same care with your AGM battery. When not in use, store it in a cool, dry place and disconnect it from any equipment to prevent unnecessary discharge.

Extending the life of your AGM boat battery requires proper usage, correct charging practices, and optimal storage conditions. By following these steps, you can enjoy an extended battery life, contributing to a more sustainable and enjoyable boating experience.