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Electric Re-power

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electric boat motor

Dorset, Canada: Lake of Bays:

The museum is completing a ten year restoration project of a 66’ steam powered cabin launch that originally transported people around the lake and to their island camps.

Bigwin will be giving tour boat rides on Lake of Bays all Spring, Summer and Fall. The Museum had the original steam motor rebuilt and a new boiler fabricated, however as completion drew near they were not able to find a (steam rated) licensed captain to run it, but with electric power they could.

The boat has completely new hull planking, decks and cabin jointer work, it is essentially a brand new boat and the workmanship is excellent, the EP-7000 is mounted alongside the restored steam motor, and is coupled to the propeller shaft through a toothed flat belt reduction.

The Museum chose to use the original propeller and gave Elco a prop dimension of 38” x 55”, which calls for a reduction of 5.25: to 5.5:1, the system is performing very well.

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