For fishermen whose boats are powered with conventional gasoline-powered inboards or outboard motors, the writing may be on the wall. More and more fresh and brackish-water lakes and reservoirs have become “Electric-Power” bodies of water. Craft with gas-powered motors have been banned. Mandates such as these have caused more and more boaters to consider electric motors for their fishing boats, to continue enjoying their favorite outdoor sport at their preferred watering holes.

Increasing regulations to preserve the environment are not the only reason to take a look at electric powered motors. Elco’s superior quality electric boat motors are not just for the alternative-energy consumer market. Electric motors from Elco run clean and run silent for hours on a single charge. The advantage to installing electric motors for fishing boats becomes evident during the very first outing. There will be no loud motor noises to disturb schools of fish nor the serenity of the environment. Clean-running electric power also means that there are no polluting elements. Not only is this great for the waterways, but also means a cleaner and safer vessel when onboard gasoline storage is no longer required. Electric power is economical, too, a fraction of the cost of running a gas-powered motor.

Experience Silent Power with Elco’s Electric Boat Motors

Installing an electric boat motor is quick and easy, and takes only a few minutes. From the initial turn of the key, however, powering a boat will feel like a new experience. It becomes immediately apparent to boaters that up to now, they have relied on an engine’s sounds to determine it is running. Opting for either a tiller or throttle, acceleration will be steady and controlled. It is this more precise control that also facilitates maneuvers around rush-congested streams and when approaching a dock or marina. Boaters can maintain a steady headway with ease, without the need to engage and disengage gears as with a gas-powered outboard.

Elco is synonymous with products that are compact, yet provide excellent power and performance. Elco’s electric motors for fishing boats include the EP Series of Inboards and Outboards, including the EP-6, an inboard recommended for boats up to 25’ up to the EP-100, which will reliably power larger fishing vessels up to 85’. For smaller craft that require outboards, the EP-9.9 produces almost 10 HP, while the EP-20 produces 20 HP. For more information, please contact us at (877) 411-3526.