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Go as Green as You Want

Go completely off the grid and choose a solar or wind generator for battery charging or just plug in at the dock. The same Elco System can also be upgraded to a Hybrid by choosing a small diesel-powered generator set for added charging capacity. With this change, the Elco System can run continuously with the correct size generator. This system is the E-Power Electric Hybrid. Elco will work with you on the option that best serves your needs.

Nigel Calder reviews the Elco Electric Propulsion System

The Elco EP-40 powered the Hunter 27e to the Best Boats Winner and was nominated for the “Green” Boat of the Year. Nigel Calder from Sail Magazine walks you through the Elco System that powered this award winning boat. See the review by Sail Magazine here.

Elco EP System – Electric Boat Propulsion at Its Finest

The Elco Electric Propulsion System is well engineered using advanced technologies for reliable and outstanding performance.

Elco Electric Motor: Cool, Quiet & Powerful

The entire propulsion system, excluding instrument panel and batteries, is contained in a water resistant cast aluminum finned housing that contains all of the electronics, AC motor, and safety devices. The system is mounted directly in place of a typical marine diesel or gas motor.

The Elco Electric Propulsion System
can use almost any marine generator

Whether on the sound, around the bay, along the lake, or on the river, it is highly valuable to protect our waters. The Elco Electric Propulsion System is a highly efficient and extremely durable alternative to fossil fuel options.

Use the chart below to help you size a generator based on the Elco EP Motor. If you have any questions please call 877-411-3526.

Going Hybrid; Size a Generator