Motor SpecificationsEP-600 EP-1200 EP-2000 EP-4000 EP-7000
Weight170 lbs260 lbs260 lbs400 lbs650 lbs
Motor service life (estimated)50,000 hrs50,000 hrs50,000 hrs50,000 hrs50,000 hrs
Limited WarrantyClick here for details
Electrical System
Volts36 vdc48 vdc72 vdc108 vdc108 vdc
Amp/hrs min220 amp/hrs220 amp/hrs220 amp/hrs220 amp/hrs220 amp/hrs
Number of batteries34699
Battery weight (total)299-644 lbs (total)452-892 lbs (total)518-1,208 lbs (total)787-1,822 lbs (total)1,037-2,072 lbs (total)
Charger(s)1×36 volt2×36 volt2×36 volt3×36 volt3×36 volt
Plug-in-play components33333
enGauge IV display panelyesyesyesyesyes
enGauge VII full color display panel with videooptionaloptionaloptionaloptionaloptional
Water resistantIP65IP65IP65IP65IP65
Battery service life (Flooded wet cell)5 yrs5 yrs5 yrs5 yrs5 yrs
Battery service life (AGM)4-6 yrs4-6 yrs4-6 yrs4-6 yrs4-6 yrs
Battery service life (Limit iron phospate)10-15 yrs10-15 yrs10-15 yrs10-15 yrs10-15 yrs
Generator (electrical recharge)yesyesyesyesyes
Generator (continuous running)yesyesyesyesyes
Boat size (recommended)10′ to 20′16′ to 25′20′ to 34′30′ to 45′38′ to 56′
Cruising range/duration @ 4 knots7-10 hrs8-12 hrs8-12 hrs4-6 hrs3-4 hrs
Cruising range/duration @ 5 knots5-7 hrs6-8 hrs6-8 hrs3-4 hrs2-3 hrs
Cruising range/duration @ full speed3-6 hrs3-6 hrs3-6 hrs1-3 hrs1-2 hrs
Recharging time (shore power)1-5 hrs1-5 hrs1-5 hrs1-5 hrs1-5 hrs
typical maximum of 50% depth of discharge
Recharging time (solar)yesyesyesyesyes
Recharging time (wind)yesyesyesyesyes
RPM (designed/max)1,500 rpm1,500 rpm1,500 rpm1,500 rpm1,500 rpm
Power boost1,800 rpm1,800 rpm1,800 rpm1,800 rpm1,800 rpm
Horse power diesel equivalency6 hp12 hp20 hp40 hp70 hp
KW Equivalency3 kw6 kw10 kw20 kw35 kw
MPG Equivalency (estimated)80 mpg65 mpg50 mpg30 mpg33 mpg
*Performance is based on battery power only – Run time can be continuous with Genset
**Actual life based upon battery use and maintenance.

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Battery Specifications
Battery TypeAGM Lead Acid
Lithium Iron LiFeMgPO4

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