The EP Hybrid Electric Parallel and Serial System provides the best of all three EP combinations. Cruise silently for hours on the Elco electric motor, or quietly run the AC generator while keeping the batteries charged. You could also flip the switch and fire up the combustion motor, which charges the batteries from regeneration created by the Elco Electric Motor. This system is perfect for all inboard applications.


The Elco EP Motor is pure torque, unlike a diesel that uses belts, pulleys, and many other moving parts. The diesel motors moving parts create losses in torque and on average, only 40%-60% of the power created is actually used to propel your vessel. –Further, the motor only reaches full torque at one particular point in the torque curve.

An Elco EP Motor contains only one moving part and provides full torque throughout most of the torque curve. The EP motor provides full torque at 1RPM, all while operating in complete silence.

Elco Electric & Diesel Torque Curve