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All Hail the Green Machine

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electric boat motor

By Captain Vincent Daniello

Electric motors and battery capacity will exceed the horsepower and range of gas motors and a tank full of fuel. When that happens, internal combustion motors my vanish as quickly as a stack of $20 at the gas dock. How soon will it happen? Likely before first-graders today are ready to buy their first boat, and possible before they’re in college.

Says who? We went aboard electric boats and talked to industry insiders for the scoop on electric boatings future. Come aboard as we explore 100 years of electric boat development.

In the beginning “Over a period of 30 years, boats went through five different methods of propulsion: Steam, naptha, electric, gasoline and diesel,” exclaims Joseph Flemming, the head of engineering for Elco, builders of electric boats and propulsion systems.

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