January 22nd, 2013

Elco Waterway: Adams Lake State Park

Elco’s waterway this week is Adam’s Lake State Park. Located in Ohio’s bluegrass region, its one of the state’s most scenic and biologically interesting areas. This lake lies in an area rich in natural diversity with many unique plants and animals. Why is it our waterway you ask? Aside from being a beautiful lake wedged between the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, this lake accommodates non-powered craft and those with electric motors only. 

Adam’s Lake is a 47-acre lake open to fishing, picnicking, and hiking. Nice catches of largemouth bass, bluegill, crappie, channel catfish, bullhead, and carp are common. There are 4 picnic areas with tables and restrooms located through the park. The Ohio Department of Natural Resources, division of parks and recreation operate Adam’s Lake State Park. Try out an eco-friendly Elco motor on Adam’s Lake of Ohio and enjoy.

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January 16th, 2013

34′ 1941 Elco Cruisette: Repower

Something Old, Something New
Converting to Elco Electric Drive System
Work is underway at Hall’s Boat Company, Lake George, NY to restore this mid-sized cabin cruiser and replace its mammoth eight-cylinder Chrysler gasoline engine with an Elco EP-10000 (100 HP) Electric Drive. Technical staff from Elco are supporting the crew at Hall’s on the project. The Halls restoration crew has completely removed the interior, engine, fuel tanks, exhaust system and all other mechanical systems associated with the old gas engine to make way for the Elco motor and batteries.
The bilge was cleansed thoroughly of all grease, oil, antifreeze and gas residue and painted with a fresh, new finish – never to be oil-stained again! The vessel is getting all new wiring to ABYC standards while planning for the battery configuration is underway by Elco engineering support. 
Once finished, the vessel will have all modern systems operate totally on electric power including lighting, water heater, electronics, pumps, coffee maker and even a heater/air conditioner which will be added in the second phase of the project. The vessel is expected to easily travel the length of Lake George, up and back – 65 miles – with a full load of passengers on a single charge. 
Shore power for the charging system will be supplemented by a solar panel array on the cabin top. The solar panels will “top off” the batteries on days between use.
A Spring 2013 launch event is planned. Return to this website for updates on the project.
To learn more about which Elco Drive is correct for your conversion project click here.



December 22nd, 2012

Strictly Sail Pacific: April 11 thru 14, 2013

Jack London Square, Oakland, California

Elco Motor Yachts has been producing Electric Propulsion for 120 years, visit with us in Oakland to see the most advanced in-board Electric Propulsion system on the Market. 

When it comes to sailing, Strictly Sail Pacific is the place to be for the best selection of boats, the latest products, the coolest gear, and FUN activities for all the family. There is so much to do and see, so be sure to plan your time to take full advantage of all the exciting opportunities, including hundreds of free seminars, on-the-water activities, parties, live music, and much more.

May 5th, 2012
wenona header image

Open House – Shop Talk

Lake George, New York – Hall’s Boat Corporation is hosting an Open House on Saturday, May 12 from 11-1PM.

Join Mr. Joe Fleming, one of the founders of ACBS, past owner of Elco Electric Launch and now design engineer at Elco Motor Yachts for the new modern Elco motors. Joe will discuss the history of Elco and will have on display the new AC motors sold by Elco today.

On the shop floor with restoration nearly complete is Wenona, the famed 1899 Elco Electric launch. Attendees will be able to view her original electric motor, as well as many old photos and information about this historic boat.

Wenona was built in 1899 and delivered to the F.R. Smith yard on Lake George where she was used to demonstrate the qualities of electric boats. In 1903 she was purchased by Bishop Stires, who owned a camp at Shelving Rock and who was a prominent figure in New York as well as on the lake.

Wenona became a Lake George icon in the 20the century, as the favorite boat of the popular bishop and his family.

Participating in the open shop will be members of the Hall’s restoration team that made her re-birth possible.

Hall’s will also have on display a variety of classic boats currently in their improved boat shop for restoration and repair.

April 18th, 2012

More Mojo in Miami

Great article on the Miami International Boat show from Soundings Trade Only, “the Daily news for Marine Industry Professionals”.

 Elco Motor Yachts, the Athens, N.Y., electric motor manufacturer, showcased its EP4000 AC on the Hunter e36 Hybrid sailboat. “There’s no smoke, no noise, no vibration,” Elco senior vice president Kevin Kearns says. The AC motor is 93 percent efficient, compared with 45 percent for most diesel engines and 25 percent for 2-stroke gasoline engines, he says. Kearns says that at $8,500, the cost is comparable to a diesel system. The lithium batteries last six to eight years, and the motor, which is sealed and has just one moving part, requires servicing once every 50,000 hours to repack the thrust bearing, he says. “Range is 46nm at 5 knots on batteriesonly” and “A range of 812nm at 5 knots using batteries and generator as a hybrid with 50 gal of fuel. Operating cost is about 8 cents a nautical mile. The 12-volt batteries are rechargeable from shore power, solar panels, a wind turbine or a 14-kW generator. “You can get to hull speed instantly with a generator running and dead batteries,” he says.

Read the article in it’s entirety


April 15th, 2012
maine boatbuilders logo

Portland Boatbuilders Show

by Eugene Story

ELCO, Maine Electric Boats and the Boothbay Harbor Shipyard participated together at the Maine Boatbuilders show this year. The Boat Builders Show is a very special show in that it brings together boatbuilders, those that professionally maintain boats and serious boaters. There are very few at the show who do not have a serious interest in boating.

Although ELCO had a booth at last years show, having a boat with an Elco motor installed certainly attracted more people. The show attracts many Mainers but there are also many attendees from Nova Scotia,  Massachusettes, and New Hampshire and others from afar. It is a time of serious boat talk between boaters and builders.

The attraction this year was the Electric Downeaster.  The Downeaster lobster boat of Maine is looked on by boaters as one of the most seaworthy boat designs in existence having evolved over many years of lobster fishing on the coast. While the latest versions have mostly followed the trend to large high powered diesel engines for maximum speed, this has been at the expense of high fuel costs and pollution of water, air, and sound. There is a growing interest is zero emission boats that operate silently at hull speed at a fraction of the horsepower and without pollution.

Maine Electric Boats, the ELCO dealer for Maine, and the Boothbay Harbor Shipyard, in searching for a classic lobster boat hull to demonstrate a downeaster hull with electric propulsion  found a 50 year old wooden lobster boat in Boothbay Harbor Maine built for a smaller hull speed engine. We installed the engine last fall and ran trials. The boat performed well reaching hull speed (6.5 knots) with a 20HP ELCO motor. Although the boat has not had its final finish there was a steady stream of visitors over the 3 days of the show and a real interest in electric propulsion. There were also many sailboaters who are looking to repower with an electric motor.

It is still an educational process for most boat builders and boaters and seeing an ELCO motor in a classic lobster boat has given them a good boost. It is those pursuing classic boat building and restoration who will be the leaders.y


January 18th, 2012

Miami International Boat Show

Business in Motion:

More than 2,300 of the world’s leading marine industry manufacturers will display the newest powerboats, engines and accessories on more than 2.5 million square feet of exhibition space.

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October 19th, 2011


IBEX is a professional-only trade show specifically designed for those engaged in the industry. MAATS has consolidated with IBEX and now forms the Aftermarket Pavilion at IBEX. Read More


October 10th, 2011

United States Sailboat Show

The world’s largest show featuring exclusively new sailboats!
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