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Outboard Electric

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Elco's History

Our legacy stretches back more than 120 years ago to the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair.

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Elco’s Renowned Electric Boat Motors

A boat powered by an electric motor may sound revolutionary, however the technology has been around for over 120 years. In fact, the so-called Golden Age of electric boat motors had been from 1880 to 1920 when gas-powered outboards entered the marketplace. Over time these gas engines created pollution that has endangered water quality and the outdoor environment that recreational boaters and fishermen value highly. They are noisy as well. For those who enjoy taking to the water, and want it to remain pure and environmentally vibrant for generations to come, Elco’s electric outboard motors are the only option.

Today, many Americans are more environmentally-conscious and seeking ways to preserve and protect our waterways. Many boaters have chosen to “run clean,” and are making the switch from gas to electric power. It is not a decision that requires compromise nor additional expense. Elco’s electric inboards and outboards are clean, powerful, and very quiet. Our superior line of electric outboard motors offers a comparable gasoline/horsepower rating of 9.9HP, 14HP, and 20HP (along with Elco’s soon-to-be-launched 30HP electric boat motor). Whether it’s an EP-9.9, EP-14 or EP-20, Elco’s Electric Propulsion (EP) outboard motors run clean, quiet, are highly efficient, reliable, and are the electric outboard boat motors of choice to propel commercial and leisure watercraft. To view our complete line of electric outboard motors, click here.

Whatever the size and weight of your craft, Elco also has the inboard motor to match. Elco inboards are available in comparable horsepower models up to 100HP! Elco’s exciting E-Power Electric Hybrid allows boaters to go completely off the grid and choose solar or wind battery generation as an alternative to powering up dockside or at a marina. To view our complete line of inboards, click here. Our extensive, innovative, product line, coupled with our over 120-year history, makes Elco electric boat motors, your obvious choice.

Where to Buy Elco’s Electric Outboard Boat Motors or Electric Inboards

Enjoy the century-old, yet revolutionary and constantly evolving technology that only Elco electric inboard and outboard motors provide. When you replace your fuel-powered motor with a sleek electric motor, you’ll increase the value of your vessel, reduce its environmental impact, and start enjoying greater safety, convenience, and reliability. Electric motors require virtually no maintenance and offer operational cost savings over time, too. To review our line of Elco electric outboard motors, and highly efficient and powerful electric inboards, click here. To find an authorized dealer, click here.