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Please fill out the form to request a demonstration of the Elco Electric Propulsion System. If we have a boat in your area, we’ll organize a date and time and if not, we can schedule a visit by one of our Elco Road Tour Vans.

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Elco Road Tour

The East Coast Elco Road Tour has been to Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York/ Long Island, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia and is presently in Florida where there are many relationships to build from Jacksonville to Key West, back up the Gulf side and around to Pensacola. This area includes a vast coastline and contains prime waters for Elco EP motors.

The West Coast Road Tour has been up and down the California coast line and is currently in Costa Mesa.

Seeing is believing and we’re making believers when we stop the van and open the doors. Reactions on our motor range from “wow, you can’t hear it” to “I can’t believe it’s so simple”. After that, we’re smothered with questions and that’s what we want. We love to be challenged with healthy skepticism about cruise duration, power, operating costs, etc. We enjoy playing the “Cool, Quiet, Smooth” video (it’s on our website if you haven’t seen it yet) to help people familiar with diesels make some real-life comparisons to our EP motors in just a few minutes. If there is any regret as we pull out of each area, it’s that we don’t have time to stay longer. We know we have spread word to only a handful. We’ll have to return but not until we’ve been to every state where Elco motors are being sold.