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Elco Inboard Systems includes all the essential components to power your vessel with electric propulsion excluding the batteries and charger.  The system includes the E-Gauge IV, throttle, key, power on light, power boost button, controller/AC Inverter and 15’ pre-wired harness for “plug & play” installation.  If you do not own properly sized batteries and charger, you will need to purchase them. Our technology is battery agnostic, so you can use any type of battery if the voltage is sized to the inboard voltage.  You will need a battery wire harness kit to connect the batteries. You can find these items locally or add them below.

With every Elco Electric Motor purchase comes a lifetime membership to our Port Elco Club and Private Facebook Group.  We look forward to having you join our community and sharing great memories with family and friends.


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Elco EP System – Electric Boat Propulsion at Its Finest

The Elco Electric Propulsion System is well engineered using advanced technologies for reliable and outstanding performance. All of Elco’s products are built in the USA.

Elco Electric Motor: Cool, Quiet & Powerful

The entire propulsion system, excluding instrument panel and batteries, is contained in a water resistant cast aluminum finned housing that contains all of the electronics, AC motor, and safety devices. The system is mounted directly in place of a typical marine diesel or gas engine. Whether on the sound, around the bay, along the lake, or on the river, it is highly valuable to protect our waters. The Elco Electric Propulsion System is a highly efficient and extremely durable alternative to fossil fuel options.

* Performance may vary based on operating conditions. The figures provided above relate to travel at between 60 – 80% of hull speed.

** Shore power-50% depth of discharge

To convert from nautical miles (nm) to statute miles multiply nm by 1.15.

With Electric Hybrid system additional kilowatts should be added depending on house loads (1,000 watts equals 1kW)

Cruising speed*
5.5 – 7 knots5.5 – 7 knots
Cruising time*6 – 3 hours98 – 58 hours
Cruising range*34 – 19 nm548 – 406 nm
Recharging time standard charger**4 – 5 hours
Recharging time quick charger**3 – 4 hours
Number of 12 volt 8-D batteries (245 Ah)6 batteries6 batteries
Battery bank voltage in total72 vdc
Amps (maximum)118 amps
Kilowatts (peak output kW rating)14.7 kW
Kilowatts (continuous output kW rating)8.5 kW
ChargerElcon PFC2000
Quick charger (optional)Elcon PFC3000
Genset kilowatt size (AC or DC)*2.5 – 5 kW
Typical fuel tank capacity for genset (gallons)30 gal
Battery bank voltage72 vdc
Charger(s) required1 charger
Genset (continuous output rating)5kW, 3.8kW


MoreBoat size ranges: 25′ – 40′
Horse power diesel equivalency: 20 h.p.
Suggested horsepower replacement range: 15 – 25 h.p.
Peak kW: 14.1 kW
Continuous kW: 8.5 kW
Miles per gallon equivalency: 50 mpg
MSRP: E Power System: $8,995.00
MSRP: Charger Package: $9,660.00
MSRP: Charger: $625.00
Select Inboard and accessories, then add to cart.: EP-20 Electric Inboard
Weight260 lbs
Dimensions21 × 16.22 × 18.32 in


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