Warren Luhrs, Founder of Hunter Marine and a world class sailor says, “The Elco E Power hybrid system is a game changer. Sailboat propulsion has changed forever.” Hunter and Elco developed the boat as part of a shared commitment to green technology solutions and innovation that improves the overall sailing experience. The Elco E Power hybrid system offers sailors more than just environmentally conscious cruising. The AC motor lowers motor operating and maintenance costs, eliminates the carbon monoxide and fumes present with traditional motors, runs cooler, quieter and weighs far less than gas or diesel motors. In addition, AC electric motors offer an advantage over DC models due to the lack of brushes and moving parts, which require regular maintenance and can wear out. The EP4000 has only one moving part and is completely sealed, making it highly water resistant to guard against moisture damage or corrosion.

For repowering applications, all of Elco’s electric motors fit easily onto existing diesel motor mounts. The Elco system includes an easy-to-use full-color display panel option that reports to the helmsmen shaft RPMs, duration in real time hours and minutes remaining, current amp/hour consumption, battery charging status and motor diagnostics.

According to Steve Lamando, CEO of Elco, “Hunter is a well known brand with a global reputation for customer-driven innovation. The Hunter team’s input into the development and integration of the E Power system has been invaluable. Also, Hunter’s manufacturing facility in Florida is close to many renewable energy firms serving the marine industry such as SALT (Sea, Air and Land Technology)”.