Zero Emission Boating The Hunter 27e with electric propulsion remains entirely the same as the company’s very popular standard H-27 however the diesel motor has been substituted with the Elco EP-1200, an electric inboard boat motor that offers the same amount of thrust as the H-27’s normal 14hp diesel motor. The electric inboard boat motor offers the advantages of being truly “green” in that it does not emit any emissions, noise, vibrations, heat, or fumes as it operates solely on battery power. The batteries offer 6 to 8 hours of power to the motor before they will need to be recharged. The batteries can be charged either traditionally by connecting to shore power or by the use of the “Energy” option that incorporates an arch that holds 3 high efficiency solar panels incorporated into the bimini and a wind power generator. The environmentally friendly 27e affords its captain and crew the same great sailing performance as that of a standard H-27 with the added benefit of being truly a green sailing vessel.

About the Elco EP-1200 Inboard Electric Boat Motors

The new Elco EP-1200 with rated power of 12 shaft HP, continuous, is a totally enclosed 3-phase AC motor provides extreme reliability and efficiency with only one moving part (the rotor) mounted on two permanently sealed deep grooved ball bearings. The motor is splash proof and can sustain submersion for a limited period of time while still operational. The system is smaller and lighter than the gas or diesel motor it can replace and is easily mounted in the same location and manner as the gas or diesel motor would be.

The Elco system’s instrument panel includes an energy gauge to provide the boater with information on the amount of charge in the batteries, RPMs of the shaft and in real time hours and minutes of run time remaining for a given throttle setting and a Power Boost button to provide give a power boost to the motor’s output up to 50% for demanding situations. This allows the skipper to provide extra power at his or her discretion when needed for safety.