Pontoon craft are becoming more and more popular due to their versatility. Primarily used on lakes, these boats are great for long afternoon excursions as well as for fishing. Whether out for a day of recreational boating or gathering tonight’s dinner, an electric trolling motor from Elco is the best option. To begin, more and more jurisdictions are adopting stricter environmental regulations that will preserve our lakes and streams for future generations. These mandate use of electric boat motors. Of the types of electric motors for pontoon boats that are available, trolling motors are recommended as these are most versatile for both recreational boating and fishing trips.

An ideal choice for pontoon boats is Elco’s EP 9.9-horsepower outboard. Among electric motors for pontoon boats, it provides quiet, clean and fuel-efficient propulsion for recreational and commercial boaters. With less noise and water pollution and cost-savings on fuel and maintenance, Elco electric motors for pontoon craft create no exhaust fumes, offer quieter motor operation, a reduced carbon footprint, require minimal maintenance and provide an overall lower total cost of ownership.

Elco Electric Motors for Pontoon Boats Offer Value, Performance and Reliable Service

When purchasing an Elco E-Power System, you’re not just receiving a motor, you’re purchasing all the essential components to power the vessel with electric propulsion, excluding the batteries and charger. This includes the E-Gauge IV, Throttle, Ignition Key, Power On Light, Power Boost Button, Controller/AC Inverter, and a 15’ Pre-Wired Harness. All Elco system components are pre-wired for “plug & play” installation.

Elco motors are sold with the batteries fully charged and configured, so your system can be up and running in minutes. Re-powering with electric is far less complex than replacing a diesel because there are no fuel, cooling or exhaust lines, throttle linkages, shifting linkages, or individual wires to configure. E-Power Electric Hybrid options include generators and/or solar/ wind components to meet the need for continuous cruising. For more information regarding electric motors for pontoon boats, please contact us at (877) 411-3526.