electric inboard boat motor

Drawing upon Elco’s rich history as the leader in reliable marine electric propulsion, while blending in the most advanced technology in motors and controllers, Elco has developed a new more efficient series of marine propulsion systems based upon the use of super reliable AC induction motors. The systems are all plug and play making installation straightforward for retrofitting existing boats as well as in new boat construction, and they are suitable for powering sailboats, launches, and catamarans from 15’ through 85’.

The entire propulsion system, excluding instrument panel and batteries is contained in a water tight cast aluminum finned housing that contains all of the electronics, AC motor, and safety devices, as well as side flanges that allows the system to be mounted directly in place of a typical marine diesel nor gas motor, by virtue of having the same footprint and being dimensionally smaller.

More important than the quietness and efficiency of these systems, is the extreme reliability they offer in calm as well as adverse conditions. They are able to continue operating in conditions of water ingress that would put a diesel or gas motor out of service when need the most, and they are ready to run full speed at a moment’s notice by the turn of the key switch without warm up and without missing a beat.

Putting all of the above benefits aside, there is also a great peace of mind in having an Elco marine EP system powering your boat, with no oil changes, fuel filters, fuel conditioners, winterization, periodic maintenance, or other nagging things to worry about, you just get in and go whenever you wish to go and you sit back to enjoy the experience of quiet green cruising, Bon-Voyage.