Owning an Elco luxury classic motor yacht is a way of life, an elegance and a tradition of American boating at its best. And you can enter this world in any way you wish with a boat customized to your liking.

Does a boat such as the 24-foot Elco launch commissioned by J.P. Morgan as a tender for his famous yacht Corsair capture your attention? How about the 25-foot Elco Glass Cabin Cruiser such as the one owned by Walter Luttgen, commodore of the Columbia Yacht Club? Or would it be your preference, your dream, to own the one of Elco classic yachts that is completely original but true to the historic essence of the old Elco lines?

The efficiency of an Elco yachts is unmatched. Combine that with fine lines and classic designs, and you’ve got a dream boat.

Elco motor boats and classic yachts of the period from 1890 – 1939 were basically long, low, and narrow a shape resulting in tremendous efficiency. The manufacturers’ catalogs and boating magazines show motor yachts upwards of 40 feet in length that achieved speeds in the 20- to 30-knot range, driven by nothing more than a relatively primitive 150 horsepower motor an impossible performance for the short, aggressive, noisy, beamy, boxy powerboats commonly seen on our waters today. How did the old boats do it? They were semi-displacement planning hulls, to be sure. But by virtue of their slimness they sliced through the water, didn’t use raw horsepower to pound along on top of it, and left very little wake.

At Elco our builders and designers will work with you to customize a new classic yacht that’s right for how you wish to use the boat and true to your desires for the boat. Our focus is on preserving the integrity and efficiency of classic Elco boat designs and delivering you a watercraft that is meticulously crafted, well appointed, and of the utmost quality and workmanship. Only Elco Boats crafted by Elco Motor Yachts is a real Elco Classic Yachts.

Classic Yachts Traditional Design

Here are a few traditional Elco classic yachts designs to get you thinking about which Elco design might be your dream yacht today.

The Elco Cruisette 39

The Elco Cruisette, designed by Irwin Chase, is a staunch and seaworthy vessel adapted to the requirements of a comfortable cruise. A host of comfortable appointments, including 3 cabins, would make the Cruisette an ideal boat for today.

The Elco Angler

During the 1930s, Elco offered its Angler line, which are nice, sea-worthy cruisers specially equipped for sport fishing.

The Elcoette 30

The Elcoette 30 is a moderately sized boat with lots of cockpit space perfect for a group of friends on a day’s outing or for big-game fishing, but with sleeping accommodations for weekend cruising.

The Elco Veedette 31

The Elco Veedette 31′ is a sporty combination of cruiser and runabout speed and dash combined with comforts and conveniences.

Elco Custom Classic Yachts Photo Gallery