Electric Propulsion the “better” choice

John Kelly “This is a 1926 sailboat, which is a very special antique. Originally it had no motor, it was one of twenty eight boats that was built for racing. So the decision as to what type of motor  to put in was quite a big decision, I didn’t think a diesel motor  or a gasoline motor  would be appropriate with lake sailing on Lake George. I really need a motor to get in and out of my docks and get to the wind, so we looked around and an electric motor was a perfect solution.”

Reuben Smith “We decided to use an electric motor for a number of reasons. One of the which was we did not have the room under the cockpit to install an normal internal combustion motor, but we could fit an electric motor in that very small space. Other advantages are no thru holes, no fuel tanks, fuel tanks are a issue to deal with on a sailboat because the loading and unloading of the fuel effects the trim of a sailboat. The trim is key to performance when sailing, so with an auxiliary motor on a sailboat, you want it to be as unobtrusive as possible and the electric motor we were able to tuck in the boat in such a way that you would never know it’s there. The controls are mostly hidden from view which is nice, you really don’t know it’s there until you need to.”

Jeff Killeen “An electric boat is like being on a sailboat but under power, the lap of the water the quiet of the motor, you are under power but you can talk. For us it’s a cocktail boat- taking that morning cruise or that before of after dinner cruise and being able to talk to your fellow passengers and knowing that you are under reliable safe power, to hear the lap of the water against the hull and say ‘How is this happening?’ It’s a magical experience on the water.”

Lydie Jakobson “When we brought to boat from San Diego to Newport, the best part was no gas. You know how gas is expensive these days and more so ever been, it was such a delight not have to stop for gas because the only thing that you have to do to recharge the boat is plug it. For us it is perfect.”

Chris Jester “We ordered the Hunter 36′ with the Elco electric motor the reason being was to offer our clients something to move up to. We have three 36′ boats in our fleet already but we wanted to offer something different. We also wanted to attract a new market to gain new members…Some of the comments coming from the Sail Time members that we see have been on other 36′ boats with diesel motors versus the Elco is it much quieter, we don’t hear the noise the vibration. Actually I think that the biggest thing I hear is the difference in starting it up. We are not having to check belt tension, not having to check coolant level or oil, so it’s actually kind of funny and kind of quick.”

Leo Vortouni “One good thing about it is the lack of heat that it gives off. I know in other diesel motors, there is a lot of heat given off which contributes to the heat inside the cabin, as well as the smell. There is no heat given off by this motor and no smell what so ever. So it makes it a lot more comfortable down below.”