Classic Motor Yacht

Elco, the original electric boat company, redefined pleasure boating in 1893 with the introduction of the original production electric-powered boat. Quiet. Reliable. Impeccably crafted. Environmentally friendly.

Elco Yachts

Elco was the first to recognize that although its magnificent and lavish classic yachts were within the reach of only a few, a more modest, though no less luxurious Elco craft could be enjoyed by many. And so began the Elco tradition of producing gasoline-powered and electric boats and luxury motor yachts, appointed in a multitude of levels, but all crafted using the finest materials and outfitted with details that make the boating experience a highly comfortable and enjoyable indulgence.

Owning either a newly built Elco classic motor yacht or an antique that has been lovingly restored by expert craftsmen is a lifestyle choice rich in history, innovation, expertise, and luxury. The form is as critical as function. The interaction between the two is what makes the Elco boating experience a timeless one.