Outboard Inboard

INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY: This calculator is for informational purposes only and is general in nature.

Step 1: Start by selecting motor type, outboard or inboard. Our entire lineup of electric motors power various size boats, plus runtimes and speeds may vary based on variables such as boat size, fully loaded weight, throttle management, types of water currents and battery capacity. Elco’s technology is battery agnostic, so you can match motor voltage with any type of battery. If you want to extend range, increase Ah or add a second battery bank and to maximize speed, the battery should be rated for the maximum continuous amp draw and voltage of your motor. Custom Boat Systems typically require a hybrid system. Don’t hesitate to call an Elco Specialist with any questions, (877-411-ELCO (3526), complete our online specifications form or email us at info@elcomotoryachts.com.