Elco’s Powerful Electric Outboard Motors

For fishermen and other light commercial inshore boats, keep your motor running for mere pennies a day by plugging in, instead of pumping diesel at the dock. Power your craft with electricity using Elco’s electric outboards. These compact powerhouses deliver all the torque you would expect, quietly, efficiently, and safely.

Choose from outboard motors such as the  EP-9.9, mid range, like the EP-14 or the more powerful EP-20. Electric outboard motors from Elco are a reliable propulsion system for commercial and leisure boats. Elco’s electric outboard motors are leaders in efficiency and torque with the three models having comparable gas outboard horsepower at the propeller of 9.9HP, 14HP and 20HP. Another benefit is size. Electric outboards deliver the clean power needed for every size vessel, but weigh far less than their bulky, gas-powered counterparts.

Yet another benefit to owning one of Elco’s electric outboards, is that there is virtually no maintenance required. Not only will this translate into huge, long-term savings, it will also provide a clean, quiet and vibration-free boating experience with zero emissions. This ultimately results in a smaller carbon footprint for your vessel.

You can revolutionize your boating experience with Elco’s EP “Pure Electric” outboard motors. Elco’s electric outboard motors are big on advanced design ideas, innovative features and motor performance. These compact but powerful “green” electric motors remove the danger, mess and odor of gasoline and oil on board your watercraft.

Elco also offers related components for our outboard motors, such as an on-board battery charger. Charging options for electric outboard motors include shore power and more. Each method provides rapid recharging so you charge up and quickly get back to cruising.

Elco’s Outboard Motors Offer Full Torque

Traditional in design, an Elco Electric Motor provides full torque at 1RPM, all while operating efficiently and quietly. All you need to do is select the batteries, connect them to the motor and you are underway.

By replacing your drive system with an electric motor, you can increase the value of your vessel, reduce environmental impact and start enjoying greater safety, reliability and ride comfort today.

Benefit from the cutting-edge technology that Elco Electric outboard motors provide. To find out more information and select your Elco Electric Outboard, click here.